Curatorial Projects

Reading Artists’ Books: Remembering Doro

Mar. 20, 2022

Online event

On Sunday, March 20, 2022, from 5 to 8 pm (CET), we met online for “Reading Artists’ Books: Remembering Doro“, a public Zoom event in commemoration and celebration of the librarian, educator, writer and photographer Doro Boehme (1957–2020). Co-organized with Tabea Nixdorff.

Video documentation of the event will soon be available to watch on the series’ new vimeo channel “Reading Artists’ Books”:

Reading Order:

5 pm              Introduction, Regine Ehleiter (curator and lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig) & Tabea Nixdorff (artist, typographer and researcher, Arnhem)

5.20 pm        April Sheridan (librarian, Special Collections SAIC, Chicago): Still Water by Roni Horn

5.30 pm        Marc Fischer (artist, Temporary Services, Chicago): An Artist by Malena Pizani and/or The Others by Anonymous

5.40 pm        Francesca Valentini (art historian, Brussels): The Consistency of Shadows: Exhibition Catalogs as Autonomous Works of Art by AnneDorothee Böhme et al.

5.50 pm        Justin Howard Rosier (lecturer, SAIC, literary critic, Chicago): Unknown

6 pm             Tate Shaw (artist, writer and director of Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester): Various Blank Pages by Doro Boehme and Erik Baskauskas

6.10 pm        Kayla Anderson (artist and writer, Chicago): Text for Doro by Kayla Anderson

6.20 pm        Alessia Petrolito (artist and writer, Turin): Unknown

6.30 pm        Tony White (university librarian, OCAD University, Toronto): MFA ABC by Tony White

6.40 pm        Johanna Drucker (artist, writer and academic, LA) & Brad Freeman (artist, writer and editor of Journal of Artists’ Books, Chicago): Aleatoric Collaboration by Johanna Drucker and Brad Freeman

6.50 pm        Ulrike Stoltz (artist collective USUS, with Uta Schneider, Braunschweig): Arabische Apokalypse by Etel Adnan

7 pm             Kevin Talmer Whiteneir Jr. (interdisciplinary artist, writer and librarian): The Black Book by Kevin Talmer Whiteneir Jr.

7.10 pm        Nia Easley (graphic designer, Chicago): Ode to Enchanted Light by Pablo Neruda

7.20 pm        Tabea NixdorffBy the Piece by Tabea Nixdorff

7.30 pm        Kevin Henry (industrial designer, writer and Associate Professor Columbia College Chicago): Unknown